Wholesale B2B

Wholesale B2B


Internatonal trade - Imex Hair

Our brand ImexHair is based on years of experience in production and sales of TOP quality hair extensions. We have our own production so we can offer a very good prices and volume discounts for salons, hairdressers and wholesalers.


StepStatusInfo - registration progress
1 Fill registration Fill in registration form HERE and submit. This form will simplify the process for additional information about you and speed up your registration.
2 Check data We will process your registration as soon as possible - please wait within 2-3 business days. If we do not respond within 1 week, please contact us (there may be a technical error and the request was not sent). If we need additional details, we will contact you.
3 Pricing After a successful review, we will set up an account for you on the site where you will see your wholesale prices after signing up. If you check the XML data format in the form application, a unique link will be sent to you.
4 Order It is done! Now, you can buy our gooods for wholesale price. If you want to send order by email, please visit this link and send your order via email (please indicate here the product code and quantity, otherwise the order may be delayed).

If you any technical problem with register to B2B form, feel free to contact us HERE and solve this situation.